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Demo Reel 2008

Here comes my latest Demo reel. Click on read more for a reel breakdown.

Velux Rain
This is another of the 3 animations I did at 72dpi for Velux 's last summer campaign. I used a mix of techniques to do that one. I was bout to try with realflow, but due to the high amount of particles hitting the water surface I went the Maya way, using a combination of particles and fluid texture as displacement map.
client : Velux.  Agency : Grey brussels.  Softwares : Maya, MentalRay, Fusion.
Velux Grass
This is one of the 3 animations done for Velux 's last summer campaign. It was done mainly through animating parameter maps that where plugged into different fur attributes. The animation was rendered using renderman for Maya and some color Correction was added using Fusion.
Client : Velux. Agency : Grey brussels. Softwares : Maya, Renderman, Fusion
Dancing Dummy
After one of our advertising campaigns for Citroen, we decided to compile a few animations that we motion captured. I gathered some of the animations the dancer performed and rendered them with a few camera animations and some post-effects for the lighting. Here is the result after editing.
72Dpi Demo Reel 2006
I've been working at 72Dpi since february 2005. Here's the company's 2006 demo reel for advertising. Find more about 72dpi on
Project Dagger
During summer 2004 I joined my friend Dejan Momcilovic who gathered a team of around 10 people to work on a video for Electronic arts | Digital illusions. The video's objective was to present the concept of "Dagger", a game where you are allowed to betray and kill your team... and run away with the money !
Meteo test at 72dpi
Here is an animation I did at 72dpi.  It is a pilot for a series. The series is about presenting meteorological phenomas, and explaining those so that a large public can understand them.
Tools : Maya,mentalray and Fusion.